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hosted by Gerry (G.W.) Lister
British Columbia Conservation Officer
Game Warden Historian, and Patch, Badge and Book Collector

I am a Conservation Officer in British Columbia and a collector of patches, flashes and badges from specific Fish and Wildlife enforcement agencies – primarily those US agencies that border on BC and work with our officers on a regular basis, and all Canadian jurisdictions. I also have a large Australian collection. I have also researched the history of the BC Conservation Officer Service and have put together historical displays for the agency which were on display at the NAWEOA 2005 conference as well as at our Provincial Museum. I also displayed collections from the agencies bordering BC at the NAWEOA 2005 conference.

There are links below to let you view many of the items I have collected and the displays I have put together.

I also collect and enjoy Game Warden books and write a column on the subject, titled THE WARDEN’S WORDS, in International Game Warden magazine.

You can view my column online by clicking here

Enjoy and happy collecting. Bookmark now so you can come back soon.

British Columbia History Links


NAWEOA 2005 and COS Centennial History Displays

Official COS History of BC Conservation Officer Service

International Game Warden magazine article by G.W. Lister – 100 Years of Integrity, Service and Protection, A History of Conservation Officers in BC